Bibliophile alert: Things you must do at least once in your life

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If you are a bibliophile then books are your soulmates and they consume a large portion of your time. Given that books are such a huge part of your life, and reading a book is possibly the best habit in the world, it is necessary that you celebrate this aspect of your life.

Some of these may seem whimsical or even outlandish, but being a bibliophile is something that must be celebrated and here are some ways you can do that:

Be a bookseller

Your house is practically a library but if you are a bibliophile, it means you cannot stop yourself from buying more books. Given that being around books makes you so happy, you should try to work as a bookseller. This doesn’t mean you change careers, but you should take it up for a short period or as a part time and be in a book store, surround yourself with books, you never know, a career centered around books might just happen

Be a part of a midnight release party

You’d rather stay in with a book than stay out at a party but a book release party would be right up your alley. A gathering of people who like the same book you do and the anticipation and thrill of your favourite author’s book releasing can be heady.

Attend a literary/book festival

It’s a gathering of book lovers and the panels and discussions are centered around authors and their works and its impact. Book festivals are like carnivals for bibliophiles so make sure to attend one at least once in your lifetime.

Plan a book-themed vacation

A particular book described certain destinations in the most scintillating way. Play out your booking fantasy and plan a vacation to a place that a book or books have really made you yearn to visit. Not only will you be travelling but also appeasing your bibliophile curiosity.

Visit world libraries

All over the world, there are some incredible and historic libraries and for a bibliophile it is akin to visiting a temple of worship. Surround yourself with the history and magnificence of thousands of books and breathe it all in.

Get your books signed by the authors

This might not work for classics written hundreds of years ago, but if your collection and favourites include current authors, then you should try and get those books signed. Authors are often doing book tours and promotions so you should try and get a signed copy of at least one book.

Visit the local haunts from your favourite books

Again, might not work for historic books or fictional stories about fictional places, but if your favourite story is centered around London, take a trip and try and visit the spots mentioned in the books. A surreal experience that brings joy on so many levels.

Host a book-themed dinner

Gather your other reader friends and host an evening dedicated to books and reading. There are so many creative options for book themed dinners – from what is worn, to what is served, to the games or the conversations one can have. Book themed dinners can be a thrilling experience for bibliophiles and are a must try.

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