Climate lovers swipe right! Dating apps now include environment advocacy

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In the digital era that we live in, everything is ruled by keywords and dating apps are no different. With the ever-increasing concerns about climate change, those who advocate for better environmental practices look for partners on dating apps who share the same views.

So, the buzzwords that rule nowadays seem to be – environment, vegan, vegetarian, climate change. Those who looking for love digitally but want someone aligned with their views on the environment are looking at these words to filter out and find those who share their same world view.

Given the increasing interest among the general population on this matter, dating apps have also started including integrated features surrounding climate change and environment on their apps.

OkCupid, Bumble and Tinder all have built-in features to help climate lovers connect with each other.

Bumble, for instance, a global dating app that only allows women to make first contact allows their users to add badges to their profile bios – it’s a quick way to allow users to align themselves to causes they are passionate about. In 2021, in UK and Germany, the most popular badge on users’ bios was “environmentalism”.

Those who swipe on Tinder, the most famous dating app globally (even those who don’t date online have heard of it) are allowed to choose ‘environment’ or ‘Fridays for future’ from a list of passions that can be included in their profile. Tinder, too said that “climate protection” was the most talked about phrase among young German adult bios in 2021, while vegan and vegetarianism was most talked about in young Brazilian adult profiles.

Yet another leading app, OkCupid uses questionnaires to target daters and measure their compatibility. The company stated that in their questionnaire when asked, “Which cause is most important to you?”, this year the top answer was “environment”, which came ahead of “world peace”. Earlier in the month, OkCupid reportedly registered an increase of 368% in references of environment or climate change on their member profiles as compared to the number about five years ago.

Bearing in mind the current trend, the app has for a short period of time again rolled out their ‘climate change advocate’ badge, which they first introduced in 2021, and was available only for April, which is Earth Month.

This badge is prominently displayed at the top of the user’s profile and immediately identifies them as someone concerned about environment and climate change. The app also has a feature where users all the climate change advocates are filtered out and users can exclusively swipe through that profile list of climate advocates.

Climate change is real and the dating population around the globe is feeling the heat of it. Looking for love, companionship or simply a fun evening, whatever the reason, many users of dating apps are clear that they want to meet and greet only those who take the environment and climate change seriously.

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