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New Delhi, April 24 (IANSlife) If a well-deserved yearly break connotes ideas of exotic holidays, festive cheer, massive family reunions, and mind-altering events, it's time to consider the enchanting realm of a timeshare.

Today's modern timeshare offerings are tailored to the many different types of visitors and their leisure preferences. It's an international concept that has been adapted by vacation seekers in India who prefer homestays and private properties which provide all the amenities of a luxury hotel with an added perk of ultimate privacy for their getaways.
This year, architecture will become more at ease with long-lasting trends, a few antiques make a big comeback, and ageless classics keep their ground. Constructing homestays that aren't only fashionable but will also last a long time is important.
2022 will see an increase in glass as a part of home decor. Glass can be incorporated in a multitude of ways, ranging from walls and rooftops. With this in mind, we should try to emulate nature as much as possible and avoid using plastic as much as feasible.
The best way to think of the villas dominated by glass exterior is as a viewing pavilion for the outside vicinity. Glazing can aid interior designers by providing additional visible space. Present a coherent view of the property's lush grass from the living room in a location that has an attractive tie between indoor and outdoor places!
Another key advantage of glass is its ability to connect to the outside, a harmonious blend between natural elements and the indoors. A huge glass installation can serve as a unifying visual anchor, even if natural materials such as wood and stone are not present.
While glass walls and floors have their own distinctive appeal in terms of decor, glass roofs, in numerous aspects, incorporate the best of both worlds while also contributing a few distinctive design elements to a space. Glass roofs can add a functional as well as an aesthetic component to a design.
These glass fixtures can enable access to external rooftop spaces (such as terraces or patios) while also presenting the aesthetic attributes of a frameless panoramic feature where you can stargaze and fall asleep under the stars.INDOOR LUSH
This year take your nature-inspired design to the next level by integrating real plants into your house. Plants will not only add to earthy woods and warm browns, but they aid in purifying the air. At the same time, it can be a handy decorative element that helps to soften the aesthetic of your interior areas.
It easily brings to life any dull nooks and corners of our homestays while also creating a warm and welcoming ambience for all nature lovers. Nowadays indoor swimming pools are progressively becoming a viable choice. The only way to maintain a tropical aura in this space is to add fresh green plants and make the indoor pools equally pleasing for the guests!
There are numerous indoor trees that can help to maintain the ambience in homestays as cosy and fresh. Interior design that promotes sustainable living has a dual purpose. On the one hand, it highlights the innovative and eco-friendly design. On the other hand, it reflects a fresh and uncluttered mindset.
To state the obvious: boho decor is a perennially popular and fashionable. Bohemian style, the free-spirited animal of Interior Design Styles, uses colour, complexity, and rhythm to achieve a comfortable and distinct appearance. Mid-century meets boho has dominated design trends the past couple of years, for individuals who want their private stays to be full of life and unique. This style defies modern sensibilities by embracing imaginative, freewheeling, and out-of-the-box design. Bohemian-style rooms share several characteristics in that they are always eclectic and have comparable features, however, no two rooms are ever identical. It is, without a question, appealing to anyone looking to personalize their space.
Minimalism is among the most totally sophisticated interior design ideas to explore. However, many people mistake it for stark harshness and unpleasant severity, which is far from reality. In truth, there's a softer side to minimal home design that's all about pure elegance. Sculptural items take priority over ornate options in terms of accessorising.
Built-in storage, hidden behind seamless panels, and thoughtful furniture placement create a calm, collected atmosphere. Texture, which is usually free of colour and pattern, is crucial in minimalist interiors. Consider simplicity, elegance, and a deft touch with opulent comfort and practicality. The idea is to keep rooms simple and well-edited, with print-less composites and décor elements. Consider a modernist gallery as a paradigm for minimal interior architecture styles trends, with their well-coordinated strategy to occupying a space with the minimum requirements while maintaining a dynamic feeling of drama, either organic or ethereal. Everything from huge accents to the tiniest finishing touch requires a tailored approach.
(Husain Khatumdi, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Ekostay, a homestay venture)
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