Do you have brittle nails? Here’s why

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More often than not skin and hair get all the attention and nails are looked at maybe once a month or once every other month, when a manicure is scheduled.

But nails, too like hair and skin, require daily attention so they don’t become brittle and weak.

Aside from regular trimming and filing, a nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle can help make nails grow strong and long.

Leading dermatologists weigh in on various factors that contribute to nails being brittle and weak. Here are some of the more common causes:

Dry skin or Normal ageing can cause nails to be brittle.Nutritional deficiencies can lead to nails being more prone to breakage.Underlying health conditions like hypothyroidism or lichen planus can lead to nails becoming brittle and weak.Eczema or Psoriasis or other such skin conditions also affect nail health and can make them weak.If nails are exposed to a lot of wet work like washing clothes or doing the dishes without gloves then the continued exposure of nail beds to water can make them really soft, causing them to break easily.Deficiency of Iron or an underlying fungal infection can cause brittle nailsLast but never the least – a hasty manicure can also cause damage to nails.If the nails are dry or dehydrated avoid heat or steam during manicures as it will only cause nails to become drier.

For a quick boost to nails right from home, try using a garlic pod. Just cut a pod in half and rub the juice into the nails. It helps harden the nails and eliminate brittleness.

Alternatively moisturising massage with oils will also help strengthen nails.

Spending a minute, a day to moisturize nails can go a long way towards maintaining healthy and strong nails.

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