Five simple ways to detox your mind!

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Do you feel like your head is piled up with a ton of troubling thoughts? Are you feeling overburdened and anxious with the sheer weight of thoughts buzzing in your head?

Sometimes your brain is filled with so many unnecessary thoughts that you don’t even realize it. You just have this constant feeling of restlessness and at the back of your mind, a nagging anxiety that just won’t go no matter how much you try to distract yourself.

These are all signs of an overloaded, overthinking mind, that is in desperate need of decluttering,

When the brain is overloaded with thoughts and worries it can seriously impact your peace of mind and hamper productivity. It is therefore, important that the mind is uncluttered so you can start your days fresh and active. Here are five ways in which you can declutter and detox your mind, so it is not overloaded or burned out with the weight of unwanted and unnecessary thoughts.


This is kind of an obvious one. Meditation has been said to be the most effective way of relaxing and calming the mind. Everyday set aside a few minutes to meditate and do your best to empty your mind and focus on the meditation. Those who meditate everyday find that they have more peace of mind. They are able to still their thoughts and divert their mind saving the fruitless hours spent in wasted thoughts.

No screens

Nix the screen time as much as possible from daily life. Take some time out everyday when you are not staring into your smartphone, posting on Insta, replying to texts and messages and most importantly switch off from watching endless reels on social media. Screen time unconsciously overloads the mind with useless information.

Keep a journal

If the thoughts are too much, or you feel the need to vent every day, set aside a half hour everyday and just dump it all in your journal. That way its out of your system and many a times, writing journals is therapeutic.

Clean up

A cluttered room cannot foster clarity of thoughts. If your living space or work space is consistently untidy this will lead to cluttered thoughts in your mind as well. Clean up and organise your living and working space and it will do wonders to the decluttering process of your mind as well.


This is an age-old mantra, when in trouble, walk it off. When you experience heightened emotions or you feel out of control but don’t want to give in to it, the best thing to do is to take a brisk walk. Walking tends to improve blood circulation in the body, the air is soothing and if the route you’re walking is green and filled with trees, all the better as the oxygen infusion from the trees can really clear up your mind.

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