Guinness World Records: Chinese Man clocks 402 muscle ups in an hour

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Guinness World Records 2022 recently announced another record, this time it is for clocking 402 reps an hour of muscle ups, which is a remarkable feat.

This record has been achieved by Chinese man Xiao Lin. Guinness World Records shared the video of Lin performing the muscle ups on their official Instagram page.

Xiao Lin is a fitness enthusiast and a college university student. He created this record on November 28, 2021 at Ji’an, Jiangxi’s Ji’an Sports Centre in China.

So, what are muscle ups?

Muscle ups are considered an advanced level of strength exercise and they fall within the domain of bodyweight routines or calisthenics. This exercise is a combination of pull-ups and dips performed holding a chin up bar and the grip is in the overhand pull-up position.

Muscle ups are performed to enhance the strength of the upper body and this exercise will activate the lats, triceps, pectorals and deltoids. Muscles ups are also great to improve mobility and grip strength.

How is it done?

Hold a pull up barMake a false grip keeping your thumb above the barKeep the body in a hollow hold position, make sure the upper back is engaged, toes pointed and legs straight.Much like a pull up, lift the body up. As soon as the chest reaches above the bar, lean towards the front and push the body as if in a dipping movementThen lower yourself carefully.

For ease of exercise, ensure the arms are fully extended and are no more than shoulder width apart.

Are muscle ups different from pull ups?

Yes, they are different. In a pull up the body is pulled right up to the chin level, but in a muscle up the body is pulled right up to the waist and the hands are extended till the top. Muscle ups are similar to climbing a wall by pulling oneself up all the way.

Fitness trainers advise that muscle ups are advanced strength training and so its not for everyone. The arm, core and grip strength required to perform a muscle up is immense and so beginners should not try this.

Given that its so advanced, the feat of completing 402 reps of muscle ups in 60 minutes is truly incredible.

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