Here’s how your local supermarket tricks you into buying more

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Most of us think we go into a shop and only buy what we need. But in fact, be it shopping for groceries, clothes, gadgets or food, retailers are using psychological powers of persuasion which influence buying decisions such that customers nearly always end up buying more than what they came for.

The first trick the local supermarkets and even the bigger ones use often is to change their layout. We have all walked in to the supermarket to reach for daily staples only to find that the contents of the aisle are different.

Stores are always moving things around and the reason they do that is very simple. When they keep changing the location of everyday essentials, customers have to walk around the store searching for what they need which will end up with them picking up something else on impulse because it caught their eye.

As per studies, nearly 50 percent of the groceries sold in supermarket are a result of impulse buying and the number of shoppers who are impulse buyers is as high as 87 percent.

Of course, customers are tempted to make impulse buys because of special deals, attractive discounts and buy on get one free offer.

Bundling is another technique used to trick shoppers into thinking they are getting more for less money. When another product is offered complimentary or 4 products are bundled together for the price of 3, these are manipulation tactics that lull the customer into thinking they are getting a bargain.

The perceived ‘saving’ due to bundling and discount offers make it easy for the customers to make impulse purchases without analyzing if they really need the product or not.

Also, supermarkets often keep the candies and high on sugar items right next to the cashier. As the customers wait for their turn, many end up putting a candy or two into their cart as they wait for their turn. And those who shop with kids, nearly always end up buying some sugary snack or chocolate as the kids are insistent about it.

However, UK has come with a solution to encourage shoppers to curb impulse buying of junk food. The government has said that as of October 2022 they will be restricting the promotions of unhealthy and sugary snacks especially in the prominent locations of the market, like near the cash counter.

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