Jaden Smith recalls ‘beautiful’ experience with psychedelic mushrooms

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Actor Jaden Smith thought everything was “so beautiful” when he took psychedelic mushrooms in a park with his friends.

He said: “I was with people who I really loved dearly. We go to a park, which was the best decision that we could have ever made. Everything just becomes so beautiful.

“We look at the sky and everybody starts feeling like they want to cry, but no one says anything. We were running in the park. We’re sprinting. We’re talking fast. We decided to hug a tree and felt like we actually went inside of the tree.

“I saw the inner workings of the tree and it looked like a rainbow. I could tell in that moment that trees were alive, but more alive than anyone could ever think. As alive as humans are.”

The ‘Karate Kid’ actor’s experience with psychedelics has influenced his latest clothing collection, ‘Trippy Summer’, and he explained how the collection has “taken advantage” of what happens when people are in an altered state, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

He told Mr Porter journal: “I believe that mushrooms are going to help us expand consciousness. The collection is not just clothes to sell.

“It’s loaded with spiritual experiences and mystical states. We’re just making clothes that can go along with people’s journeys.’

“When you’re in that sensitive space, the wrong shirt can ruin things. Whether the shirt says, “Oh, f*** you, you f****** f***,’ or, ‘Go to hell and die,’ it might scare somebody… We’re taking advantage of the certain visual cues that happen when you’re on mushrooms. Things slightly move.

“If you give something the feeling of motion, when you’re on mushrooms and you look at it, your brain will finish the work and put it in motion so that you’re like, “Holy f***! His pants are moving.”‘


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