Manushi Chhillar: Love the whole community feeling that we have with Holi

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Debutante Manushi Chhillar talked about what she likes about the festival of colours — Holi.

She says she loves the whole community feeling that comes with the festival.

Manushi says, “My initial memories of Holi are from childhood when we used to live in Bangalore. I still remember having a small pink pichkari (pink used to be my colour), going around with my friends, being very excited about Holi and playing with my pichkari and my water gun.”

She loves how Holi brings people together as a community.

Manushi says, “Like any other festival, I love the whole community feeling that we have with Holi. I think the one special thing about Holi is also the fact that all your friends come to play and we would have groups and there would literally be gang wars with water guns, that was really fun.”

She adds, “I think Holi is a very playful festival and it’s a lot of fun so playing with your friends is what I absolutely love about the festival and of course Gujiya. I used to really love eating Gujiya (I have a sweet tooth). So, these used to be my favorite parts about Holi.”

Talking about how the atmosphere at her home is during Holi, she says: “I think Holi is also about a build-up, you start preparing, you start playing a little few weeks before the actual festival, but Gujiya was what I absolutely loved about Holi, growing up in the north, it used to be made at home; so that was fun.”

“Otherwise, the atmosphere at home during any festival is fun, all coming together to celebrate and I have working parents so festivals would actually be those few days that they would get an off so we would all come together and spend time together.”

Manushi is all set to make her big Bollywood debut with ‘Prithviraj’ starring Akshay Kumar, which is set to release worldwide on June 3.


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