Popular K-Pop slang every music lover needs to know

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This is for all the ones who are new to the young, fresh and vibrant K-Pop (Korean Pop) world that is taking the world by storm. The Grammys for the second time in a row stood mesmerised as the boys from the world-famous K-Pop group ‘BTS’ took stage to belt out their popular number.

Last year they brought down the house with their smash hit song ‘Dynamite’, this year it was ‘Butter’.

However, followers of K-Pop, an audience that is found all over the world will attest to the fact that BTS, while fabulous, is still one of many popular pop groups of Korea.

And for those who have taken to the K-Pop tunes like so many already have, there is a small crash course that’s needed to decode certain key slangs that are unique to Korean pop.

This is because Korea is still largely mono cultural, which means most Koreans don’t speak a lot of English. Of course, with Korean Entertainment exploding worldwide, that phenomenon may change but for now, its more like the world trying to learn Korean instead of vice versa.

So, for the unversed here are some K-Pop slangs that will make it easier to follow the many K-Pop fan threads and conversations that are dominating social media these days:


While this was a BTS song title, here it refers to K-Pop artists. Because in Korea they are not mere singer, or pop artists, they are “idols”. A few years earlier Korean singers used to be called ‘Gasu’


Means acting really cute. This can be performed by both male K-Pop and female K-Pop stars. It’s something K-Pop fans expect from idols. A simple search will show tons of videos of various K-Pop idols attempting ‘aegyo’

Golden Maknae

Maknae refers to the youngest member of a K-Pop group and a golden maknae is a pop group member who is not only young but also really good with all the pop artist skills – singing, dancing, writing, et al. Jungkook from BTS is a good example of a Golden Maknae.


This is for the overly invested sometimes privacy breaching fan. A fan who is likely to cross the thin line between following the idols and stalking.

Bias & Bias Wrecker

K-Pop fans will tend to ask others who their bias is – it means favourite member of the band. Band Wrecker is another bandmate from the same group as your bias who you like who can cause you to change your preference.

Bagel It’s a word that’s a mashup of baby face and glamourous body. Usually this is used for female K-Pop group members but a few male K-Pop stars like Monsta X’s Wonho make the cut.

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