Why stretching is important for your body!

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Anytime you work out, you would have been told by your fitness coach that you need to stretch for warm up and cool down before and after you workout.

Even if you are not an exercise person and don’t go to the gym, it is important that you incorporate stretching as part of your daily routine. Health and fitness experts state that in particular people need to focus on the lower parts of the body like hamstrings, calves, hip flexors in the pelvis and the quads in the front of the thighs. These parts are vital for mobility.

Besides these regular stretching of the lower back, shoulders and neck is also beneficial to the body. Fitness experts suggest a routine of daily stretching or a weekly program where stretching is carried out at least three to four times per week.

Stretching the muscles in your body can help mobility, it can ease back pain, release the tension built up in the neck, reduce stress levels and improve quality of sleep. Here are five reasons why stretching is important for the body.

Improves mobility

When you stretch you improve the range of your motion. Regular stretching will allow you to reach the back of your shoulder to scratch that pesky itch, it will allow your body to stretch to its maximum without discomfort to reach that top shelf in your kitchen cupboard. Regular stretching will help the body retain the flexibility that the body tends to lose as age catches up. With regular stretching you can reduce or at least stall the inevitable stiffness or pain in joints that occur with age.

Increase energy levels

If you start every morning with a stretching routine, you will immediately see a jump in energy and productivity levels. A few minutes of stretching each day along with a mimicking movement of a sports activity provides the brain a much-needed boost, it will improve blood circulation and can even beat the occasional afternoon slump.

Perfect balance

When you do Yoga, you will see that maintaining balance of the body is critical to holding the various poses in Yoga. With regular stretching, the balance of the body is improved. Stretching is not only about the muscles but also about the joints. With stretching the gross muscle contractions are eliminated. You will find that you are able to balance on one foot for longer without faltering, when you stretch every day.

Better sleep

When muscles are stretched, they expend calories, which means you will feel spent. Regular stretching has been known to improve the quality of sleep. It can help relieve the pain of sleep related issues like restless leg syndrome.

Many health benefits

Simple stretch of the whole body everyday can do wonders for the blood circulation, it can improve the health of the blood vessels and over time reduce the risk of heart diseases. For those who are stuck at their desks all day be it in the office or working from home, the strain on the neck, shoulders and back is immense. With regular stretching of these muscles, office goers can eliminate the neck and back pain that has become part and parcel of desk employees all over the globe.

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