Why you should not be sitting for long hours

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Experts have said that sitting for long hours at a stretch is akin to smoking. Sitting in one place for a long time can reduce life span and bring a host of health problems.

With the onset of the pandemic, work-from-home has become an everyday reality for several people which means even at home, people are tied to their chairs for hours at a stretch staring into a computer screen,

The side effects of sitting for long can cause arteries to be blocked, leading to heart issues, they can also cause disturbance in the respiratory system and reduce lung capacity.

Of course, sitting for too long with no movement could also cause obesity and the fat that accumulates around the abdomen from lack of exercise can lead to higher than normal levels of cholesterol.

Sitting can also cause stiffness of the bones and cause joint, back and neck pain. If sitting everyday for long hours is an everyday norm it also has a negative impact on mental health.

It causes lethargy as the body gets used to a sedentary lifestyle. With lethargy comes lack of motivation, which in turn will lead to decreased productivity and lack of focus and attention, which will eventually lead to stress and anxiety.

While it all sounds grim the solution is simple enough. Even if the work is hectic and requires long hours of sitting, its important to get up and keep moving every other hour.

Health after all takes priority over everything else. For those who simply cannot make time for regular exercise can start small by making sure that when they sit, they keep their back straight.

Another thing to remember is to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and lastly, even if the workload requires being chained to the desk, it’s always possible to get up from the chair and do a simple stretch. Walk to the kitchen or pantry to refill the water bottle. Or simply take a quick walk around the house/office.

Making sure that the pattern of sitting for long hours is broken with intermittent movement of standing, stretching, walking will go a long way in mitigating the many risks of sitting for long hours.

The ideal option is to also incorporate a fitness regimen that keeps the body active and fit.

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