Why you should start jumping rope today!

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Skipping is largely considered a children’s activity or a pre-training prep for sports activities like boxing or basketball training.

While we run, step, cycle through various machines in the gym, a jump rope is the cheapest cardio equipment you can have, and skipping is one fitness activity you can do anytime, anywhere and in almost any space (just need enough to whip the rope forward).

Skipping also offers a ton of benefits but if often overlooked by adults in their cardio fitness routines. Here are some reasons why you should opt for jump ropes

It’s cheap – a skipping rope costs very little and is easily the cheapest cardio equipment you can buy.

Full body workout – Skipping provides you with a full body workout; when you skip you engage your arms, calves, hamstrings, quads, abs, shoulder and even your glutes.

Improve cardiovascular fitness – Skipping for 10 minutes a day consistently can improve your cardio fitness. In fact, a study found that skipping just 10 minutes a day was equal to 30 minutes of jogging and both provided the same positive impact on cardio fitness.

Burns lots of calories – Skipping for a minute is said to burn 25 to 30kcals, which means in 30 minutes you can burn as much as 600 kcals. For those who have been looking for calorie deficit workout to lose weight, skipping is the activity to boost your weight loss.

Makes you agile – There’s a reason why boxing or basketball training incorporates skipping. Jumping rope improves your overall agility.

Better coordination – Skipping as an activity is about motor skills coordination and maintaining balance. Skipping everyday can help you improve your motor coordination to a great extent.

Less risk of injury – A study compared skipping to running and found that running had twice the impact on knee joints and the Capella as compared to skipping. The study also showed that skipping burns 30 percent more calories than running. So, it’s a safer fitness routine with lesser risks of injuries and impact on the body. That’s a win-win

Can make you smarter – Skipping helps develop the left and right hemispheres of the brain so it improves memory, spatial awareness reading skills and in general makes you more alert. Skipping engages the part of the brain responsible for cognitive learning.

Easy endorphins – Skipping falls right into the category of moderate intensity exercises, which means you get early access to the happy hormones released during workouts.

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